Delta Delta Delta

Beta Phi Chapter Chapter at Centre College

Letter from New Member

Being a part of TriDelta has been an amazing experience thus far. I will always cherish my bid day experience, as it was honestly one of my favorite memories I’ve had at Centre. I got to run home to a group of women who I admired based on their character and overall accomplishments. I danced, laughed, and was silly with people who cherished our quirks, proving it to be a fun and loving sisterhood that I truly adore #KeepTrideltaWeird. As a shining pearl, I am so grateful to have some of the most caring group of girls in my pledge class. One of my favorite memories was our pearl class retreat. I got to know that I have a solid support system of strong and confident women who are there for one another. From formals and date parties, sisterhood volunteer events, dinners at Cowan, air guitar performances, or making pancakes at 1AM for DHOP, Tri Delta is filled with exciting adventures. But most importantly, it’s filled with gracious and sweet women that I am more than happy to call my sisters. And to future members, if it's meant to be, Tri Delta will be a wonderful place to call home.


–Sarah Mandviwala