Letter from New Member Educator

Hi! My name is Sarah Lyons and I am the P*earl Mom, New Member Educator, this year at Beta Phi.

Our chapter of Delta Delta Delta at Centre College is incredibly excited to welcome twenty new members to our sorority. They will have many leadership, scholarship, and philanthropic opportunities as a member of Tri Delta and the larger Greek Community at Centre. Since many of you may be unaware of the specifics of our New Member Program and the Centre Greek system, the purpose of this letter is to provide you with some information about our chapter.

Tri Delta’s New Member Program is a six-week period that began on Bid Day, February 14th. During the New Member period, you will attend meetings and activities planned by the chapter, including the New Member Retreat, Big & Little Sister Reveal, and several philanthropic opportunities. Both Centre College and Delta Delta Delta stress the importance of academic excellence; therefore, none of these events are mandatory, and all events are excused for academic or sports conflicts. However, there are certain requirements for initiation. These include attaining at least a 2.60 GPA for the last fall term, paying the initiation fee, attending New Member Meetings (which can be made up in the event of an absence), and possessing a sincere desire to be a member of Delta Delta Delta. This is a time for the new members to learn more about the sorority, integrate into the chapter, and discover what it means to be Greek. Our initiation ceremonies will take place on Sunday, March 10th. After these ceremonies, you will join the other 70 active members of our chapter as an initiated member of Beta Phi. 

As a member of Tri Delta, you will become a part of a diverse group of young women. We stress to our potential new members during recruitment that “we do not want you to come here and be like us, we want you to come here and be you.” We take pride in our ability to come together for a common purpose while embracing and respecting each other’s individuality and unique spirit. This common cause, as stated in our purpose, is to strive to “establish a perpetual bond of friendship among our members, to develop a stronger and more womanly character, to broaden our moral and intellectual life, and to assist our members in every possible way.” We have weekly meetings and optional study hours as well as several philanthropic endeavors and social events throughout the year here at Beta Phi.

I am so excited to get to know the p*earls and show them all about why I love Tri Delta!


Sarah Lyons