Letter from New Member


To a future PMN,

When you find your fit in any place, you have this feeling of genuine belonging, happiness, and a sense of understanding. Tri Delta gives me those exact feelings. I will never forget running home on bid day to my newfound sisters and looking around to see them just as excited as I was. We danced for hours, we sang our hearts out, we laughed to the fullest, and we hugged like we were never letting go. This was the exact moment I knew I was in the right place. Each girl in Tri Delta brings something different to our family, but what never fails to amaze me is the fact that everyone is kind, strong, and encouraging. They all have the biggest hearts to serve our philanthropy, St. Jude, and never fail to show it. They constantly go out of their way to make me feel like family, to show that I am loved, and that I matter to them. Above all else, this sorority has given me sisters who I admire and respect for their authenticity, and they have all challenged me to genuinely be myself. As a sunny pearl, I have grown so close to my pledge class to see the unique and beautiful girls that they are and am so thankful to know that our friendship will extend far beyond our four years at Centre. They truly have become such a supporting and uplifting group to me that I will forever cherish. I cannot wait to see how my life is forever changed by Tri Delta, but for now, I know I have found my place. To a future member, I hope you find your forever home like I did!


McKenna Hulette