Letter from Our President

Two words: Beta Phi. The members of this group have made a life-long impact on me and the families of St. Jude. The women of Delta Delta Delta at Centre College are brave, bold, and kind. This past year, Beta Phi raised more than $30,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Our team of strong, dedicated women hosted Delta House of Pancakes, a silent auction, and a dance-worthy Battle of the DDDJs to exceed our fundraising goals.

What difference will $30,000 make to the children at St. Jude? Just do the math. A donation of $250 buys one red blood cell transfusion and $500 buys one hour of physical therapy. Every dollar we raise truly touches lives.

Philanthropy is just one facet of the jewels of Beta Phi. Our members dedicate themselves to the arts, their athletic teams, in the classroom, and beyond. We are scholars, athletes, artists, volunteers, tutors, resident advisors, and activists. We are future world-changers who come together with the shared values of Beta Phi.

This January, 20 new members ran home into our arms. The joy and zest for life this pledge class exudes fortifies Beta Phi. Our new sisters are on their personal paths to success and are an integral part of our chapter’s growth. We are overjoyed to bring these new members into our sisterhood.

This year Tri Delta asked members to write a letter to our Founder, Sarah Ida Shaw, and share stories of sisterhood and growth. Our Beta Phi #LettertoSarah, a compilation of each member’s individual letter, is a reflection of the impact we can make on each other and the world. Among my favorite entries:

“Running home to all my sisters’ arms on bid day was the moment I realized I was running toward a better version of myself -- a stronger, more loyal, and empowering woman.”

This line captures the gifts of Beta Phi: the ability to grow through the encouragement, love, and support of every sister. I cannot wait to see where this year takes us!


Injee Hong