Tri Delta

Beta Phi Chapter at Centre College

Chapter Officers

Cate Heine

Collegiate Chapter President

Hannah Colliver

Chapter Advisor, Beta Phi Pledge Class of 2010

I currently volunteer with Beta Phi as Alumni Advisor, having stepped into the role in the spring of 2016. I am excited to serve my chapter and look forward guiding, supporting, and loving Beta Phi as their advisor! Outside of Beta Phi, I am an Assistant Director of Admission at Centre College and travel throughout the Southeast and regionally in Kentucky sharing the Centre Experience. My dog Wally is very excited to be a Tri Delta Dog and will serve Beta Phi with the very best furry friendship.

Alex Winkler

Vice President of Membership

I am an International Studies major with a minor in Spanish. I am the secretary for a service organization called CARE (Centre Actions Reaches Everyone). This allows me to make connections with the Danville community and help others. I also work with the Track and Field team as their manager. I love to stay busy whether it's inside or outside of Tri Delta. My position in Tri Delta allows me to plan recruitment. I get to work closely with the members of our chapter to brainstorm fun ideas that we think potential new members would love. I also get to work with the other recruitment chairmen from other chapters on campus which is a fun way to see how other chapters execute recruitment in their own ways! I love Tri Delta because I love being able to be goofy and have fun with 80 of my best friends!

Eliza Hudson

Reference Chairman

I am an English major and an Environmental Studies minor from Mauckport, Indiana. I am on the women's golf team as well as the CARE Exec board, which is a community service organization on campus. Reference Chairman is responsible for organizing reference forms during recruitment/planning and executing all things recruitment related alongside the VP of Recruitment. I'm here to make sure recruitment goes as smoothly as possible for our members as well as the potential new members! I love that Tri Delta brought me to my best friends and some of the most strong and amazing women I have ever met!

Brooklyn Bell

Member Development Chair

I am a biology major, pre-pharmacy. I play field hockey. As membership development chairman, I organize sisterhood events and open chapter! My favorite parts of Beta Phi are leadership opportunities and sisters!

Kirby Fitzpatrick

Vice President of Public Relations

Hi, my name is Kirby Fitzpatrick and I am a senior at Centre College studying Mathematics. On campus, I serve as President of the Student Government Association, I am a Resident Assistant, and I am the student worker in the President's Office. As VP-PR, I am in charge of managing the chapter's social media presence as well as working to ensure the Beta Phi experience is positive and uplifting. My favorite part of Tri Delta is constantly having a group of women on campus who empower me to be the best version of myself.

Lizzie Royster

Social Chair

I am the new Social Chair for the Beta Phi chapter. My job duties as social chair include planning and organizing formal, date parties, and all other social events that we put on as a chapter. I coordinate plans for our events with several other officers in the chapter to ensure that all our members have a safe and fun time at our events. I am a rising junior and a Spanish major and politics minor. I play on the Centre Women's Volleyball team and I'm the Vice-President of Hispanic Society. My favorite thing about Tri Delta is all the fun memories we make while raising money for our outstanding philanthropy St. Jude through the Silent Auction, Battle of the DDDJs, and of course DHOP.

Hailey Foote

Chapter Correspondent and Panhellenic Council Delegate

Hi, my name is Hailey and I am from Prospect, Kentucky. On campus, I am a member of the volleyball team. After serving as a Rho Gamma last year, I am excited to be back home at Tri Delta as the Chapter Correspondent. My officer position allows me to facilitate communications with other chapters on campus, as well as keeping our chapter up to date on what is happening in the Greek community.

Colleen Jackson

Activities Chairman and Panhellenic Council Delegate

My name is Colleen Jackson and I am from Gaithersburg, Maryland. On campus, I am involved in the lacrosse team. As Activities Chairman, I am in charge of managing the activities and involvement of Tri Delta members in the Centre community. As PHC Delegate, I work with other chapters on campus to foster a strong, Panhellenic community.

Kate Spencer

Philanthropy Chair

I am a Politics major on the Pre-Med track. On campus, outside of coordinating Beta Phi's philanthropic efforts, I am on the Student Government Association, a Resident Assistant, a Brown Fellow, a Centre Ambassador, and a member of the Student Judiciary. As Philanthropy Chair, I coordinate all philanthropy activities for Tri Delta including Delta House of Pancakes and our family weekend silent auction. I love being with the people in my chapter. These are the women that I admire, respect, and look up to the most on campus and I am delighted to be a part of this amazing group of ladies.

Julia Matthews

Service Chair

I am a junior at Centre College from Nashville, Tennessee. On campus, I am involved in the Student Government Association as the Student Affairs Chair. My position involves organizing and coordinating all service opportunities for Tri Delta, as well as assisting with philanthropy events for Beta Phi. My favorite part of Tri Delta is the strong friendships I have made with my sisters!

Lillie Dickman

Collegiate Alumna Relations Chair

I am a behavioral neuroscience major, and am involved in research, MedLife and Dance Gold. My officer position includes keeping our wonderful pansies up to date about things happening within the chapter! My favorite thing about Tri Delta is seeing sisters around campus and immediately having your day brightened.

Blair Wooten

Risk Manager

I'm a chemistry major (pre-med) and I enjoy singing and spending time with friends and classmates. My position educates the chapter on policies surrounding possible risks and manages the risks involved in events. My favorite thing about Tri Delta is that everyone is weird in their own way.

Rho Gamma

Intramural Chairman

Our Intramural Chairman is currently serving as a Rho Gamma!

Caroline Pellegrino

Vice President of Administration

Hi, my name is Caroline and I am senior at Centre from Lexington, Kentucky. I am a biology major on the pre-physician assistant track. I am a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, a Centre College Council Representative, Student Life Office Secretarial Assistant, President of MEDLIFE, and a member of Centre vocal ensembles. As VPA of Beta Phi I run a weekly Officer's Council (OC) meeting to aid officers in planning and program development and to organize upcoming chapter meetings. I also serve the Officer's Training Committee, which assists officers in development. My favorite part of Tri Delta is the unwavering support from my sisters.

Stephanie McClain


Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am a junior from Murray, Kentucky. I am an International Studies Major with a double minor in Spanish and African American Studies. I am a part of Centre Ambassadors, SGA and several other clubs on campus. As secretary of Beta Phi, I take notes during Chapter and Officer's Council as well as keep track of attendance. My favorite part of Tri Delta is making new friends within the chapter!

Sarah Nisbet

Vice President of Chapter Development

I'm an English major, and on campus, I am an Orientation Leader, work at the Writing Center, act as a member of the Student Judiciary, serve on the CARE (Centre Action Reaches Everyone) executive board, and serve on the Student Senate. As VPCD, I help maintain the health and integrity of the chapter through devotionals and standards meetings. My favorite part of Tri Delta is recruitment! I really love when we're all on campus together, working to gain members who share our values. I think we all grow a lot closer, and it's so exciting to gain new p*earls!

Claire Samuels

House Manager

I am a Psychology major involved with the After School Program and Kentucky Ensemble. As House Manager, I'm responsible for making sure the house stays organized and arranging dolphin dusters to clean the house when needed! I work hard to make the house feel like a fun home for everyone living in it. My favorite part of Beta Phi is the support I receive from my sisters!

Emily Winkler

Academic Development Chair

I am a math major and I'm also on the track team! As academic chair, I get to plan study breakers and apple polishing, which is a party for our teachers at the beginning of the year. I also help members improve their academic abilities and match people up for study buddies!

Olivia Kane

Body Image Coordinator

I'm a chemistry major and Spanish minor! Aside from Tri Delta, I work as a tutor and teaching assistant for the chemistry department and as a mentor for a club called GEMS. We visit a local middle school each week and do science activities with girls! I also play the violin in the Kentucky Ensemble. As Body Image Coordinator, I am responsible for organizing Fat Talk Free Week in the fall and planning body image workshops for the sophomores in our chapter, as well as helping maintain positive body and self image among all of our sisters! I think my favorite thing about Tri Delta is the general sense of comfort I feel with all of my sisters. Even around women who aren't my best friends, I still feel relaxed, at home, and loved with all of them.

  • Major: Chemistry
  • Year: Senior

Emma Tilley

Vice President of Finance

My name is Emma and I am a senior at Centre College from New London, New Hampshire. On campus, I am involved in the residence life staff, campus tours, senior interviewers, and the After School Program. As VP-F, I am in charge of managing chapter finances. My favorite part of Tri Delta is a tie between my wonderful friendships and the glitter deltas!

  • Major: Economics and History Double Major
  • Year: Senior

Rho Gamma


Our Treasurer is currently serving as a Rho Gamma!

Kathryn Ahearne

Licensing Chair

I am a Psychology major from Asheville, North Carolina. I play on Centre's Soccer team. I love art of all kinds and am spending my summer volunteering teaching art lessons to children in primary school as well as taking art classes from a local artist. The licensing chairman is responsible for designing t-shirts for various events and occasions throughout the semester. My favorite part of Tri Delta is the support system and the role models that come from being surrounded by such an amazing group of women.

Mary Andrews

Continuing Education Chair

I am a studio art and art history major. I play field hockey, I am the president of CARE and I babysit adorable identical twin brothers and their older sister Zoe. This position continues to educate active members on the goals and criteria of Tri Delta throughout their 4 years. Particularly, I organize senior week in May, a week dedicated to celebrating the senior's commitment to Beta Phi during their college careers.

Molly Holder

Sponsor Chairman

Madison Grant

New Member Educator

I am an economics and finance major, and an education minor. I have a lot of love for education and am looking forward to being an elementary teacher in the future. Outside of school and Tri Delta I am on the women's golf team at Centre, and am the Vice President of CARE (Centre Action Reaches Everyone). As New Member Educator I am in charge of transitioning the new members into the chapter. I am their voice and middle man in anything they might need when coming into this sisterhood. I have absolutely loved having this position and cannot wait to see where our new members take us. My favorite thing about Tri Delta is the life long friendships I have gained from this organization. Tri Delta has brought my the friends I will have forever and I could not be more grateful. I also love that Tri Delta is not limited to your school, but something that is world wide and will always be there for you.

Rho Gamma

Diversity Chairman

Our Diversity Chairman is currently serving as a Rho Gamma!

Sepideh Karimi

Music Chair

My name is Sepideh and I am from Louisville, Kentucky. I'm studying politics, focusing on international relations, and minoring in Computer Science. I plan to dive into the technological industry after graduation, working in cybersecurity and business, generally. I recently started a Bike Share club on campus as well and encourage anyone who's interested to join!!! My favorite part of Beta Phi is how uniquely different we all are, but are bound by some common thread that makes us feel like a family.

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